Commits Delivering Best IT Solutions
Regarding to Information Technology development on this millenium era,we are committed continuously working with the state of technology

History in Brief

PT. INALIX was established on March 6th, 2001. With the spirits for developing Indonesian Information Technology (IT) and optimizing the knowledge management mechanism, Inalix is intended to create the people nation with technology minded.Based on our project curriculums, we have supplied various Airport-IT-products to several airports in Indonesia. Our first success project began in Batam Hang Nadim Airport in 2001, where we were assigned to migrating the existing FIDS (Flight Information Display System) to our new product of FIDS, namely INALIX-FIDS. After a while, we had another assignment in Balikpapan Sepinggan Airport, where we also had to migrate the existing FIDS to Inalix FIDS.

Since then PT. Inalix has been committing to seriously entering the nationwide IT business by focusing in developing systems and delivering services for Airport-IT needs.

INALIX-FIDS that uses Linux Operating System that is stable, reliable and low cost system supported by generic hardware became more acknowledged and accepted by our prime customer, PT.(Persero) Angkasa Pura I as well as PT. (Persero) Angkasa Pura II. And as the time went on, more INALIX FIDS has been implemented in other airports in Indonesia such as Sepinggan International Airport – Balikpapan, Adi Sutjipto Airport – Yogyakarta, Polonia International Airport – Medan and Tabing Airport – Padang (the last two airports are managed by PT.(Persero) Angkasa Pura II).

As the company grows, more software applications and systems have been implemented. Using Linux as our major specialty, we have developed products such as ID-Card System (implemented in Airports of Ngurah Rai-Denpasar, Sam Ratulangi-Menado, Hasanuddin-Makassar and others) and Automatic Announcement System (implemented in Medan Polonia International Airport).

These successful implementation and the increasing demands from the customers motivate PT. Inalix to become a company that continuously delivering its best products, as well as giving its highest IT-qualified services that vary from consulting and customizing software development and implementation, to constructing and maintaining computer networks and infrastructure component such as PCs, Proxy Server, Mail Server, Web Server and Firewall System.

As a young and flexible enterprise we rely on quality management and processes designed and developed according to current knowledge. Thus, our customers can demand maximum of efficiency, quality and protection of investment.
In the future Inalix as a fully-nation-owned Company will keep its core principles and implement projects of various sizes quickly and efficiently, as customer satisfaction is our highest priority.