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MCS Overview

Typical modern MasterClock System

Is a digital clock system developed by Meinberg Radio Clocks which provide accurate time to networks of any size. It consists a LANTIME time server that synchronizes all systems either NTP- or SNTP-compatible and uses a built –in Meinberg GPS radio clock as its reference time source. A highly stable and precise oscillator is capable of bridging interferences or a temporary loss of reception.

For compatible NTP Slave clock, we provide Inova PoE Clock in format of 4/6 digit digital clock and analog clock based on SNTP. Driven by Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, network clocks draw both power and time updates from a single Ethernet connection. PoE clocks are energy-efficient and they eliminate the need for costly and cumbersome AC outlet installation. With Inova OnTime™ PoE clocks, you'll never need to adjust for daylight saving time or replace batteries again.