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FIDS Coverage

FIDS distribute real-time information that covers all area of the airport, including check-in, baggage and boarding gate displays. All theses information are controlled through FIDS Display Server and distributed all over the airport.

FIDS is designed using high performance system that consist of the following entities:

File Server

File Server is a primary data storage and application server which embedded with a web server that fids applications rely on.

Display Server

Display Server is used to broadcast flight information through several devices display devices along the airport terminal.

Standby Server

Standby Server acts like backup server if the primary server or display server is down. Primary or Display Server jobs is replaced by Standby Server to perform all flight operation until the primary server is online again. The mechanism ensure no down time occurs along airport operation.

Operator Workstation

Operator Workstation is used by airport operator to operate FIDS.

Display Devices

Several type of display devices are spread along the airport to inform the actual flight information.