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FIDS Key Features

Multimedia Advertising System

A unique, multimedia advertising solution, which creates a new revenue stream for airports, airport vendors and airport service providers. FIDS inserts advertisements on highly-viewed display devices which provide critical flight, gate and baggage carousel information.

This solution gives airport operators and advertisers the flexibility of showing different ads to captive audiences in various areas of the airport.

The solution enables targeted promotional efforts, whether to passengers or visitors taking advantage of today’s retail-en-riched airports.

According to industry statistics, the average passenger arrives at the airport approximately one hour prior to domestic flights and two hours before international flights. Therefore, passengers are an ideal captive audience for the promotion of specific products or specials at retail stores, airport restaurants, ground transportation services, and nearby hotels. Using FIDS,airports can dramatically increase the average expenditure per passenger prior to flights - giving a real boost to airport businesses and the airport operators.

Open System Architecture

FIDS operates under powerful Linux Operating System and interfacing to other computer systems is made possible by the use of standard technology.

Low Cost Maintenance

FIDS constructs with generic hardware, no proprietary system component inside and easily replace with other devices that available in the market. This makes operating and maintenance cost are reduced.

Stable and Reliable System

With comprehensive software design FIDS fully operates in 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with zero downtime.