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INOVA Clocks

Digital Network Clocks Make Synchronized Time Simple

Introducing the revolutionary Inova OnTime™ Power over Ethernet digital network clock, designed to effortlessly put everyone on the same time.
OnTime digital clocks plug into an Ethernet jack on your local area network. No AC plug is required, so installation is inexpensive and it’s easy to move clocks around. Power is supplied over standard Cat-5 cabling using the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard, the same power source as Voice-over-IP telephones.

OnTime digital clocks are highly accurate and receive synchronized time updates automatically over the network. Inova Solutions keeps things simple by eliminating the need for specialized software – control one or hundreds of clocks from any PC on the network with a simple telnet session. OnTime clocks will find an existing Simple Network Time Protocol server on your network, or you can set up a new one, making synchronized time easy.

Inova OnTime digital network clocks feature:

* Red LED seven-segment display, 4 or 6 digit *
* 4-Inch numerals, visible over 150 feet (50 meters)
* Set automatically by SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)
* 10/100BaseT Ethernet compatible
* DHCP or static IP addressable
* Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) using the same network components as IP telephones
* No master clock or serial connection required
* Telnet control for:
* IP configuration
* SNTP server address
* Time zone offset from UTC, Daylight Savings Time
* Time Display, 12/24 hour format
* Status reporting
* Easily up-load firmware upgrades
* Service light status indicator
* UL 1950, ETL Listed, CE Marked

Benefits of Synchronized Time

Consistent and accurate time across an organization keeps things running efficiently and smoothly. In a corporate environment, time wasted on waiting for co-workers to arrive at a meeting or training session translates directly into lost productivity. Synchronized time in manufacturing environments promotes schedule adherence, helping the entire team meet productivity goals. In healthcare facilities, synchronized time is critical to daily operations, whether its checking on patients or delivering medications. Schools and universities rely on accurate timekeeping to smoothly transition students from one class to the next.

Experience the benefits of Inovas Power over Ethernet digital network clocks providing synchronized time throughout your facility.