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Our Software Development Products
FIDS (Flight Information Display System)

Inalix Flight Information Display System is an integrated solution of computer software and hardware combined with various display devices, used to manage, control and automate the flow of up to date information to the general public, airport tenants, airport management and airport operational staff throughout the Airport Terminal.

AAS (Automatic Announcement System)

Inalix provides real-time automation of voice announcements throughout the terminal. The system is configured so that no human intervention is required Announcements can be controlled within ‘zones’ of the terminal to minimize the noise within the terminal. The system is multi-lingual and can be integrated with the airport’s emergency systems.

MCS (Master Clock System)

Typical modern MasterClock System

Is a digital clock system developed by Meinberg Radio Clocks which provide accurate time to networks of any size. It consists a LANTIME time server that synchronizes all systems either NTP- or SNTP-compatible and uses a built –in Meinberg GPS radio clock as its reference time source. A highly stable and precise oscillator is capable of bridging interferences or a temporary loss of reception.

IDC (Identification Card)

Is a software that designed and developed to enable an id-card providing system to process customized Visitors Cards and Employee Identification Card by different level of authority at an instant time. Using INALIX-IDCARD, system can storage and manage all of visitors and employee identity database and other records so that can be used in conjunction to all kind of different system at the work place. For instance INALIX-IDCARD can be integrated with Office Security System, Time Attendance System, Visitors Database Records, Commercial Records, etc.

TAM (Time Attendance Machine)

Is a software and system that designed and developed to manage all employees attendance database and automatically provide correct information for absences, overtime and lateness. For other purposes this system can be easily integrated to HRD Database Records to eliminate manual calculation errors,schedule work efficiently, avoiding unnecessary overtime,allocate labor costs to departments,products and clients

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