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Automatic Announcement System

INALIX Automatic Announcement System (X-AAS) provides real-time automation of voice announcements for passengers throughout the terminal. The system is configured so that no human intervention is required, the system is automatically broadcast through the existing public address speaker when there’s an update on FIDS flight status.

Single Line Diagram AAS Inalix

X-AAS is one of the crucial systems to support airport operational, automatic announcement dismiss the needs of the old manual voice announcement by operators when there is a new update on flight status or the regular daily information announcement for airport users.

X-AAS main features are as follows:

  • Zone controlled announcement, minimize the noise within the terminal by selecting zones to broadcast
  • Multi-language announcement, from the default Bahasa and English to the extension modules of languages needed including locals Indonesian language

Integration with other system, including airport’s emergency system

AAS Inalix