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Flight Information Display System

Inalix Flight Information Display System is an integrated solution of computer software and hardware combined with various display devices, used to manage, control and automate the flow of up to date information to the general public, airport tenants, airport management and airport operational staff throughout the Airport Terminal.

Typically, FIDS would consist of a network that includes a fault-tolerant combination of two or more host computers servers, a number of PC workstations and various display devices which may include monitors, split-flap boards, LED or LCD displays. This network would support the required operating software and database of flight and system information.

With its Flight Information Display System – FIDS, Inalix has developed a modern solution that by virtue of its flexible and modular structure is able to meet both current and future requirements.

Currently drivers are available for the following display media:

* Various LAN Monitor Controller Types
* LED-Board via serial TTY Interface
* LCD-Board via LAN
* Split-flap boards via RS-422/485
* TV and Plasma Monitor