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Airport Operational Database System


INALIX Airport Operation Data Base or as we call it the X-dB is the information nerve center of an integrated airport IT system. It consists of an SQL database, layers of communications and visual system that can link various other systems in the airport into a centralized data center.

The X-dB connect each system data and centralizes the communications protocols, whether it connect via TCP/IP, FTP, teletext, FML or other base of standard communication protocols.


Centralized Database

X-dB enables airport systems integration. It can be used to control the information distribution between application systems, allowing users to make correctly informed decisions based on centralized data.

X-dB maintains airport data integrity through the use of validity checks and prioritization of data sources to ensure the highest quality of master data.

The standard XML-based application services can also be combined with the
X- dB product to further extend and simplify system integration.

Provides standard processing of data from AFTN, SITA, SCORE along with data from other sources through standard interfaces ensures accurate up-to-the-minute to the real-time operational data.

When all database is centralized, the Central Monitoring for Airport Equipment can also be monitored on the X-dB.

Key Features

The X-dB creates a genuine single set of operational master data.

Accepts and delivers a centralized information for integrated airport systems.

With a central database, information only needs to be entered once, that means improving accuracy as well as efficiency of information.

Real-time communication between all of the connected systems.

Dynamic visual systems.

Expandable to multi-airport system.

A-CDM ready.